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EPT Placement Information
Summer Advantage Program 2013

Interpretation of EPT Test Scores for Course Placement

Your test score determines the number and level of English preparatory courses you are required to take. If more than one class is listed, you must enroll in the first class or classes listed in the first quarter of your attendance. Once you have completed the class(es) successfully, you must then take the following courses in the next quarter(s).

For Native English Speaking Applicants:

If your score is in the range: You must take:
120 - 141 ESE 095, followed by English 096
142 - 146 English 096

All preparatory coursework must be completed within four quarters.

If you enroll in your first English preparatory class in Summer 2013, you have five quarters to complete your preparatory coursework.

Options for Non-Native Speakers:

ESE 99 is a course in written communication skills, grammar, and style for academic writing. It is designed for students who speak other languages in addition to English. Whether English is your primary language or not, you will benefit from this course if you are bilingual or multilingual. The course focuses on understanding the workings of the English grammar and their application in college-preparatory writing.

An EPT score between 130 and 146 is required for enrollment.

Upon successful completion of ESE 99, students fulfill their remediation requirement and proceed to college-level composition courses ENG 102 and ENG 103, which together are equivalent to ENG 104.

Score Course Placement
130 - 146 ESE 099
120 - 141 ESE 095 Followed by English 096
142 - 146 English 096

For additional information,
please call the English and Foreign Language Department, (909) 869-3940